If your car does not start and you have a problem with a factory immobilizer (in most cases the light with a marked key is on or flashing), we can deactivate your factory immobilizer.

We offer software deactivation of the immobilizer or unlocking (Virgin memory) of the following car models: ALFA ROMEO, BMW, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, DACIA, DAF, FERRARI, FIAT, FORD, HYUNDAI, IVECO, KIA, LANCIA, LAND ROVER, MEERCEDES, NISSAN, OPEL, PORSCHE, PSA, RENAULT, ROVER, SATURN, SSANGYONG, SUZUKI, VAG, VOLVO.

Our solutions are 100% tested and working!

Typical Problems: The engine starts and stops immediately, the starter turns, but the engine does not start, there is no starter and the immobilizer indicator flashes on the dashboard.

You have a problem with your car immobiliser! The car has problems not starting even after programming a new key (transponder) a problem is found with immobiliser! You want to deactivate your Factory Immobilizer or it needs to be unlocked (Virgin Memory).

To do this, send us the computer (that of the car) and the next day you will receive it by courier ready for use.

We work with colleagues from all over the country.

For this purpose you can send the files from the computer (that of the car) to our e-mail and within an hour you will receive a ready file with the immobilizer deactivated.

Send files to:

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