Keyless GO key programming for Mercedes

Keyless GO smart key programming for MERCEDES (FBS3 MODELS).

We offer key programming for MERCEDES cars with Keyless GO function W204, W207, W212, W164, W166, W221.

Smart key programming:

Promotion !! W202, w210, W203, W639, W220, W463 - BGN 200.

Promotion !! W211, W169, W218, W209, w219, W639, W245 - BGN 200.

Promotion !! W204, W212, W221, W207, W246, W164, W166, W906 - BGN 250.

These services are NOT offered and performed by our partners but only in our service !!!

For this purpose you only need to send us the EZS module and a working key by courier or on place at the service center.

Attention! The new models of Mercedes keys are programmed only once, so second-hand keys from this model DO NOT fit!

You do not need to make settings with diagnostic tools.

Contact us to make a spare key, to repair a damaged key or if you have lost your keys.

We work with colleagues from all over the country. For this purpose, send us the EZS module and a working key and the next day you will receive the key ready for use by courier.

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